The Third Grade students participated in a collaborative and integrated research project between Ms. Marcee's science class and Mrs. Finger's technology class. The students were assigned their own shark about which they were to research information. The students brainstormed the kind of facts they thought would be interesting to learn and share about their shark. The children worked both in the computer lab and in the science classroom using both books and selected websites to learn this information. Once they found their facts, they then needed images to go along with them. Using sites like Flickr, Pics4learning, Wikimedia Commons as well as Google Advanced Search, the students found images that were either labeled for reuse or were copyright free. The final outcome is the glogs below! To view in full screen or to print these, right click on the glog (or command click if on a Mac).

by Alyssa

by Kyle

by Harrison

by Alex B.

by Carolina

by Victoria

by Maxwell

by Jack

by Chloe

by Audrey

by Lexi

by Jay

by Declan

by Zach A-B

by Jaz

by Taylor

by Jordan

by Lachie

by Madison

by Jerry

by Marco

by Kiara

by Sam

by Charlotte

by Dillon

by Alexander N.

by Mason

by Susie

by Ambre

by Brooke

by Cole

by Isaac

by Rowan

by Jonny

by Dean

by Zach C.

by Umar

by Eric

by Max B.

by Max T.

by Max L.

by Alex E.

by Sasha

by Joseph

by Aidan

by G

by Lilia

by Gianna

by Henry

by Tyler