The Fifth Grade students are studying Ancient China as pat of their Social Studies curriculum. They are learning about the different dynasties, the inventions and the philosophies. After viewing educational videos from sites like Watch Know and Neo K12, and exploring websites the students decided on a topic they wanted to study more deeply. The students then formed groups based around these interests. They had the option of using Animoto, Capzles, Glogster or Photo Peach to share their findings. You can view them below.
Great Wall of China on PhotoPeach

by Will Bullitt

by Jasmine

by Mollie

by Anna, Brittany,
Chinese Inventions on PhotoPeach
by Eli and Tommy
and Griffin

by Everett and Carter

by Will C., Hoop and Parker

by Livi and Hannah
The Great Wall of China
by Tom Slaught

by Kyle

by Marcus, Henry and Michael

by Zach B.

by Steven, Max and Billy
Silk Road by
Jamie and Harrison

by Bela, Alycia and Kelsey

by GiGi